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My purpose of writing this article is so that you can know my Free Blog Review in more detail. If you have come to my blog for the first time, then let me tell you that in January 2022, I had made a resolution. That resolution was that I would do a free review of 100 blogs.

This Free Blog Review of mine is going to be very useful for those bloggers who are serious about the future of their blogging. For whom blogging is very important. If you write blogging as an amateur then you must read this article of mine. Because this will give you a lot of motivation for your future.

One more thing I would like to know from you is that are you thinking of making a blog now and looking for the best hosting for it? If yes, then you can take idea from these two articles of mine:

How to make a blog?

Both these articles will help you a lot. 

You can build a hut for yourself with only a hobby written in an article, but not a palace. To build a palace, you have to focus on your blogging and stay connected with me. Because by doing this you are going to benefit a lot.

If you want to know what that benefit is, then you have to read this article till the end, only then you will get its benefit.

About Blog Review Series

Like I just told you that I have resolved to Free Blog Review and in this blog review series of mine, I have completed 12 blog reviews so far. If you want to know how I am doing blog review, then you can visit my YouTube channel Amith Dharamshi to know this.

Here I would like to tell you one important thing that when I started this series, I had no idea that it would go to such a big level. But I got so much support from all of you bloggers and viewers of my channel and I would like to thank you all for showing so much trust.

Since I started this series, I have received about 3 thousand entries to get my blog reviewed, and these entries are increasing day by day. Due to which I am having a lot of problems with its filtration.

I found in my blog review series that there are many bloggers who do not want to get their blog reviewed on the channel, they want to take personal advice and information from me. I have come up with a solution for such bloggers. What is that solution? I have talked about it in detail below.

One thing I would like to tell you is that I took the resolution of blog review, but when I started doing blog review, I and my team had to face many problems, out of which the biggest problem was the voice of the blogger in front. Failure to record

Yes, we were having this problem because while doing blog review on the channel, the voice is needed in a WAV format. Now you must be thinking about what is wav format, then for that let me tell you that it is a type of audio format which shows the sound in the form of a wave. With this, the clarity of the voice comes very well. For this voice clarity, I have to know from bloggers in his mobile device. Then according to the model of the mobile, he has to explain the setting, in which a lot of time is wasted.

To save this time, I have created a form. You will get all the information about this form below. It will be beneficial from this form that in my productive hours, I will be able to bring more new ideas for you.

Benefits Of Blog Review Series

My main motive for starting this blog review series was to get to know about your blog very well. According to me, you can correct the mistakes you are making in writing a blog.

And it is also happening that the bloggers whose blog review I am doing are getting many benefits, out of which 4 advantages are prominent:

The first advantage is that the bloggers who are getting me to review their blog if there is any deficiency in their blog or if they are making a mistake then those bloggers can rectify their mistakes.

The second advantage is that the bloggers whose blog I am reviewing on my channel, their blog is also getting fame.

The third advantage is that I am giving 1 year premium hosting for free on my behalf to the bloggers whose blog is being reviewed.

Along with this, I am also providing Web Mentions to those bloggers.

Do you know that I am going to provide goodies to the audience watching my blog review series? If you do not know then it does not matter, I will tell you yes, it is absolutely true.

So if you go to my YouTube channel and watch my blog review series and comment on it, then I will give you goodies. Let me make one thing clear to you here that I will select any 5 comments from every video of blog review and contact them.

I can also do this through Zoom in contact or can do it by direct call or through email. If you see my blog review series, then it is going to benefit you only.

New Selection Criteria

If you are really focused about your blogging future then you must fill the form mentioned below because after filling this form you will be able to connect with me and my team.

One thing I would like to know from you is that your blog is not able to rank on the first page of Google’s SERP, due to which traffic is also not coming to your website? If yes, then there is no need to demotivate you from this. There are many bloggers who are also having the same problems.

Do you know that when a demotivated person is connected to 10 motivated people, then he becomes motivated by meeting them all. Keeping this in mind, I have decided to create such a community which is going to be the most interactive and learning community in the world. I will assemble this community at the micro level.

In this new selection criteria, I will form a team of 20-20 bloggers and the best blogger from that team will be made the captain. The captain will be the one who has the understanding to take other bloggers along, who should motivate the bloggers, interact with them from time to time.

the captain of that community direct me 

Form To Be Filled with link

In this form, first of all you have to fill the email section. In which you have to enter your Email ID. Remember that the email ID should be correct as this will lead to further conversation.

Free Blog Review

Step By Step Process

When you click on this link, you will get to see something like this. The name of the form is Blog Review Selection Criteria. 

Free Blog Review

After that you have to write your name.

Free Blog Review

Then you have to tell your age.

Blog Website Reviews Google Forms and 6 more pages Personal Microsoft​ Edge 14 03 2022 4.49.09 PM

If you have any alternative email id then fill it in this place.

Blog Website Reviews Google Forms and 6 more pages Personal Microsoft​ Edge 14 03 2022 4.48.39 PM 2

After that, if you have a link to the blog, then fill it in this place. If the link is not there, then you can write “not here” and go ahead.

Blog Website Reviews Google Forms and 6 more ssssssssssspages Personal Microsoft​ Edge 14 03 2022 4.48.49 PM

After that you have to tell on which platform your blog is. If on Blogger then tick on Blogger, if on WordPress then tick it, if on any other platform (like Bing) then tick it. If not on any platform then tick “Nahi Hai”.

Blog Website Reviewccs Google Forms and 6 more pages Personal Microsoft​ Edge 14 03 2022 4.49.09 PM

Your phone no. You definitely have to mention because through this you will be able to talk to me further. That’s why you have your same No. What you are currently using.

Blog Website Reviewsdddd Google Forms and 6 more pages Personal Microsoft​ Edge 14 03 2022 4.48.49 PM

After doing this, you have to enter the age of your blog, meaning you have to tell how much time it has been since you started the blog.

Now you have to tell what is the niche of your blog, for example Food, Fashion, Travel, Digital Market etc. Whatever is the niche, you have to tell.

In this place you have to tell how many posts you have published in your blog till now.

Like I already told you that many bloggers do not want to get their blog reviewed. If you also do not want to review your blog, then you have to tick “No”. If you want to review, then you have to tick “Yes”.

In this section you have to tell which phone you have means which company model of your phone is like Realme or Oppo etc.

If you are doing a job along with blogging, then you have to tick “Yes” and if you are not doing a job only focusing on blogging then you have to click on “No”.

Now you have to tell how much you earn by working online.

Lastly, you have to talk about AdSense Approval. If AdSense has been approved on your blog, then you have to tick first, if AdSense is not approved then you have to tick Second No. If you have not applied for AdSense, then you have to tick the third no and if you do not want to apply for AdSense, then definitely tell this also.

After this, you must check the information you have filled once. All the details that you have filled are filled correctly or not. After checking, you have to “Submit” that form.

As soon as you submit the form, it will come to me immediately and after seeing this I will contact you.

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