Building Your First Funnel - Clickfunnels

Building Your First Funnel – Clickfunnels

  • who wants to do this with me?!
  • Want to do this LIVE Coaching together?
  • Can’t seem to get your FUNNEL built? (check this out)
  • just snagged the COOLEST marketing box EVER! 👏🎁
  • Join the new “Your First Funnel” LIVE Coaching with me?
  • I just got the BEST marketing SWAG box ever!  
  • STUCK trying to get your funnel built?
  • This new ‘Your First Funnel’ coaching was MADE for you…(starts MONDAY)
  • Russell is looking for 100 entrepreneurs…
  • If you haven’t built your first funnel yet – this is for you! 
  • We should do this together (wanna start Monday?)
  • Russell Brunson needs 100 entrepreneurs (is this you?)
  • Russell Brunson just put out the SEARCH…

Building Your First Funnel – Clickfunnels

Your First Funne

This is SO cool – did you see what Russell Brunson is doing? 

He’s looking for 100 highly-motivated people (who haven’t made a sale with a funnel yet) who want his team to help them build and launch their first funnel… 

(Uh, YES PLEASE!) 👏👏

If that’s you, then there is a NEW 14-Day LIVE Coaching that just launched, and it was MADE for you… 

It’s called the Your First Funnel” Coaching, and this is your invitation to sign up →

It’s designed to get you STARTED, and get you some momentum, which is often the hardest part about online business, right?

If you need some help to instantly generate leads for your business…

And if you want Russell and his team to help you get your first funnel BUILT and launched…

Then the next “Your First Funnel” LIVE Coaching starts on MONDAY!  

Not only is the 14-Day LIVE Coaching FREE (just pay shipping for a super-cool ‘Welcome Box’ with all sorts of swag)…

But when you sign up, you’ll get a ton of crazy-awesome bonuses worth $8,745! 🥳👏

You can check everything out for yourself…but there’s incredible high-VALUE stuff he’s giving away…

Like FULL training courses, headline generator software, 102+ Funnels that are pre-built and BEAUTIFUL – just plug in your own information, and you’re ready to go!  

You can take a look at everything that’s in the GIANT $8,745 “Your First Funnel” gift that you get when you sign up for the LIVE Coaching → <your link>

First Funnel

P.S. even though I’ve already created my first Funnel, I’m STILL going to register for this, and take advantage of the coaching…and not gonna lie, I WANT that “Your First Funnel” bonus package! 🎁🤤 Who’s with me? Let’s go through the 14-Day LIVE Coaching together!

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