Easy steps to get success in 2022 – (4 steps Formula)

Easy steps to get success in 2022 – (4 steps Formula)

Hey! I know you are here to get some Easy steps to get success in 2022 and make something big for yourself. 

But for that you only need to have the clarification how to create big. Here, you can have a blueprint to go along with. 

We can achieve the smaller things by just having the clarification and strategy for that. 

When it comes to making it big online, it needs to be remembered to achieve small first. And keep doing that. Keep achieving your small little targets. All of them combined will lead to a big level of impact. 

Easy steps to get success in 2022 – (4 steps Formula)

Here are the easy steps to start your journey for making it a big success in 2022: – 

1. Identify what skill you want to learn 

There are many in-demand skills that can get you paid in high dollars from the comfort of your home and for that, you only require a good internet connection and a laptop. 

Some in-demand skills are: 

  • Facebook ads 
  • Copywriting 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Website designing 
  • Funnel building 
  • Coaching and consulting 
  • Online business management 

These are just a few skills that I have mentioned here, but you can always choose a skill that you are passionate about. 

Warning Note: Before choosing a skill, just make sure that it is profitable as well. 

Let me explain it to you with an example. There was this person who knew all the hacks and cheat codes to win a video game. He launched a very good course that taught kids all the hacks and cheat codes so that they can get to the 

Conqueror level in any game. 

Despite creating a promising and amazing course, he could not make a lot of money. 

Why do you think that might have happened? 

Well, it’s because the skill for which he was passionate about was not profitable as kids or children had to ask their parents for the money and the obvious answer of parents for such a program would be a big NO. 

So, make sure to choose the skill which has the right amount of target audience and spending power. 

But the golden advice is pick one & become really good at it. For me, it is the combination of Facebook™ ads, Funnels & Copywriting that is a life changing skillset. 

2. Start practicing it. 

You can only become really good at something once you practice extensively. No distractions. Just a single focus on becoming really good at it. 

Once you have identified your skill, start practicing it. Watch a lot of videos on it from YouTube, listen to podcasts of your field, or maybe if you want to grow fast invest in a paid course. 

Paid courses are well-structured and put you in the fast lane towards your goals. 

When I started my journey, I practiced many things by myself, but I also invested in paid courses whenever I felt the need. 

3. Start Making Noise (Start Marketing) 

Once you achieve a decent level of expertise in your skill, start marketing yourself, start telling people that you have a solution for their problems. Start putting social media posts about your skills/business. Start sharing WhatsApp broadcasts. And start running ads if you have the budget. 

Soon people will start reaching out to you for consultation or coaching, or for the service that you provide. 

Now, at this point, I want to tell you that you need to develop a certain level of confidence in your skill & communication, so that you don’t sell your products or services for lower prices. 

4. Start monetizing it in one way & then multiple ways in future 

Now that you have developed expertise in your skill by practicing them over and over, this is the time when money will start flowing. 

You can generate money by selling your product or services, or by joining a company & working with them. Whatever it is, make your existing revenue stream really solid. 

By this what I mean is that you can deviate into 10 different directions & start 

monetizing the same skill from 10 different directions. But that’s not the approach I will ever recommend. Go deep into 1 revenue stream & automate it to the core. With the help of online tools, it can be done if you are persistent. And once you have made your one revenue stream really solid & predictable, then you can look for more revenue streams. 

It can be brand endorsement, becoming a guest speaker, creating your course and putting it into a profit-making funnel, promoting affiliate products of your field, creating videos on YouTube. These are just a few ways of doing it. 

Let’s understand this practically: 

 As such you know, process can’t be easy to the final result to get success in 2022 will helpful for you to live your rest of the life in a better way. 

Now that you’ve got a theoretical view of all the steps, let’s understand it better with the help of an example of a weight loss niche. 

Let’s say, there is a person named Ron who is working on his fitness. He is improving his fitness skills every day consistently. 

He keeps on doing it for a span of 1 to 2 years and builds fitness at a very good level. 

Second year onwards, when he gains enough confidence in his ability, he starts to showcase his knowledge and expertise on various social media platforms and shares his tips for free. 

After some time, when Ron keeps on adding value to people’s lives, his target audience starts to reach out to him to get personal training or consultation. 

And as he will build a massive following by doing this consistently, brands will start to reach out to him for sponsorships, he can start to sell out multiple courses based on 

different problems of his audience, he will also start getting acknowledged as a thought leader in the industry, can create multiple self-help products, can recommend supplements & earn affiliate commissions & in future can even start his own supplements line. 

If you are starting out, I know all this seems too good to be true from the point you may be currently at. But I was there at one point in time where you may be standing currently. But I have walked on the path to get to where I am today. Hence, I can say from my own experience that all of it is absolutely possible if you’re ready to do whatever it takes. 

So, these are the to do steps to begin with. For all those who are going to do or will making big keenly observe and implement it. 

Do share your views with us regarding these steps and share it with your loved ones! 

Best wishes! 

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