SEO Tips To Master A Perfect Description SEO

A Perfect Description SEO – SEO Tips To Master

SEO Tips To Master A Perfect Description SEO 1. Use Keywords Relevant to your target audience . This doesn’t mean stuffing your content with keywords and risk being penalized by search engines, but you should make sure that each page contains at least one or two keywords which are relevant to your intended audience in order to optimize the relevancy of your pages as much as possible.

A simple and effective way to improve your search engine ranking is to learn how to master a perfect blog or post description for your website. Many business owners overlook their description SEO because they don’t think that it will do much to help them rank higher in the SERPs, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s not only good practice to give every blog or post you publish a descriptive, keyword-optimized introduction, but it can also increase your rankings in search engines, ensuring more visitors and clients reach your website..


You know that several of the articles are not ranking on google because they don’t have a perfect blog post description SEO and don’t use any keyword in their description SEO.

Blog or post description SEO is the text which appears SERP before your link.

There are basically two types of description – 

1. Blog Description SEO – This is a description SEO of your homepage which appears below your site link in SERP.

2. Post Description SEO  – This is a description SEO of your blog post which appears below your blog post link in SERP.

Believe me,

If you master the description then you can rank easily without off-page SEO.

How To Write a Blog Description SEO?

So, you have a great post and now you want to let people know about it on Google. What next? Your first step is to make sure that your post includes both a headline and a description. Let’s look at why those are so important, and how you can use them to improve your search engine rankings. You see, your post may be absolutely outstanding but if no one ever sees it then all of that hard work was for nothing. Think of your headline as an advertisement for your content.

Your post description SEO is your chance to expand on your headline. It’s also an opportunity for you to tell Google what keywords should trigger that ad. Finally, it’s a chance for you to convince people to click through and read your content. What should you do with all of these opportunities? I’m glad you asked! Here are some tips on how to write a post description that will convert readers into customers:

How To Write Post Descriptions?

Writing an effective description takes a little bit of thought and effort. You can’t just copy and paste your headline into a description field and call it good. You need to write text that draws people in, gives them enough information to decide if they want to read more, and above all tells Google exactly what you want your post to be about.

Tips For Creating a Blog Description
  • Explain your website about.
  • Showcase your expertise.
  • Make some catchy descriptions.
  • Tell about your brand

I think you understand about it so let’s move and show some examples of blog descriptions.

Some Examples Of Blog Description SEO

When you’re writing a new post or page for your website, your title might take care of most of your description needs. But what happens when it doesn’t? Just like title tags and meta descriptions, blogs with unique descriptions help Google understand their context. Take time to fill out all of these fields with relevant information that will help searchers better understand what your page is about—and therefore give it higher visibility in search results.

1. BloggingLift

Description SEO

Why is it good? Because they tell you about their topic which they covered and also add an catchy line that “earn some money from their blog” which fills curiosity in users to check out this blog.

2. FitnessAbout

Description SEO

Why is it good? Because they showcase an emotional line that ” Running or jogging is one of the top pastimes that people choose to do” so the user clicks on their blog to see how one can lose weight without doing nothing.

3. Engadget

Description SEO

Why is it good? Because they showed how old there was and even as proof they added the date which helps build trust towards the visitors.

4. Yummly

Description SEO

Why is it good? Because they showcase how they help the user with their food needs.

5. A Broken Backpack

Description SEO

Why is it good? Because they tell their content that they will only focus on “long-term travel featuring budget travel tips” and many more guides which help the user who wants to travel.

6. Backlinko 

Description SEO

Why is it good? Because they tell you about their blog and add some eye-catching lines which makes the user check this blog. They also used the “backlink” keyword which helps their blog to get ranked on this keyword.

7. CashOverFlow

Description SEO

Why is it good? Because they showcase their expertise by writing ” I am known for my personal finance management skill” and add some information about their content, I think you got some idea.

Here are such blog description examples which help you to get an idea about how you can write an eye-catchy and attractive description.

How To Write a Blog Post Description SEO?

You may have heard that descriptions SEO are very important in Search Engine Optimization. But do you know how to write a perfect description for your blogs? Let’s see all possible tips for it 1. Write a short, but informative and attractive description of your post/blog.

Don’t make it too long because Google will not show the entire text of the post in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). It has a limitation to show only 160 characters or less than that, so make sure you keep your description within the limit otherwise Google will cut off the rest of it from showing on SERP. So always keep the 160 characters limit in mind while writing a perfect description for any post/blog.

Tips For Impressive Blog Post Description SEO

Post description is important and necessary for a perfect search engine optimization. Search engines use post description SEO to index your post. It also impacts your ranking in search results. If you wish to make your post popular, then it’s better to write a good title and description. There are few tips that you can follow for a great post title and description. In today’s post I will discuss those tips which will help you create an impressive title and description for your posts or blogs. So let’s start:

So here are some tips which I personally used to get a boost in CTR and also Ranking – 

  • Use Main Keyword – You have to add your main keyword in blog description naturally so it’s easy to understand google crawler about your main keyword.
  • Including Power Words – Power words actually helps you to get more conversions. Using this type of words, Teespring increased their conversion by around 12.7%.
  • No More Than 160 characters – Don’t make a description more than 160 characters because after crossing this character line your description is considered as long as it looks.
  • Add Call To Action –  Make some call to action words to increase higher chances to get clicks in search engine result pages.
  • Be Unique – Make your blog post description as unique as possible because it makes your blog unique than others.
  • Use Conversational words – Use words like I and we to interact with your user in description also.
  • Use LSI Keywords – Using LSI Keywords in description helps you to rank on them also. Personally I am using it and have increased my organic traffic by around 57% but don’t add the same keyword because it gives a bad signal to Google and you will be hit by penalty.

Pro Tip: Here is the pro tip which i am using to get high ctr –

  • Go to google and search your main keyword.
  • Find the ads of that particular keyword.
  • Try to add some LSI keywords of the ads in your post description. So by this you got some boost in CTR.

I think you got an idea about how you can make a power blog post description,

So let’s move on and find how to optimise it for keywords.

How to Optimize Keywords In Blog Post Description SEO?

Keyword optimization is very important in blogging. But how to optimize keywords in your post description? Let’s discuss the step by step method to master the perfect description for a search engine. Do you want traffic for your website? Do you want high ranking on search engine result page (SERP)? If yes, then read it carefully and apply these methods wisely. Keywords play a very important role to rank a site on SERP and get traffic from search engines so that keyword optimization is necessary for every single web page and post.

How To Add Blog Description SEO On Blogger?

In blogger, adding a meta description to your post is very easy. Just follow these simple steps and you’re done! 

1. Go to Dashboard >> Settings >> Edit Html 

2. Paste below code in Description Box 

3. Save Changes Now you can see your Meta Description on SERP 

4. If you want to change it then just go back to the settings page and edit it as per your requirement 

5. See how it looks in Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) 

6. You will also find different kinds of meta tags for your website such as title tag, header tag etc. 

Here I am going to tell you about Description Tag. If you are new to blogging then I would suggest that you don’t make changes directly because if something goes wrong then there will be no one who will help you out except for yourself. Make changes only after proper research about those things which are used by people around the whole world for search engine optimization purposes.

What is a Blog Description SEO?

Your post title and meta description are what will be displayed in search results. Your SERP snippet is where your URL and author name appear, as well as a snippet of your content. Search engines rely on meta descriptions and URLs to tell searchers what they should expect from a given page or post, so it’s important to get these details right.

What is a Blog Post Description SEO?

Your post description is one of your biggest opportunities to make an impression on users and convince them to click through. If you spend hours writing a great piece of content, it’s worth spending more time on a great description SEO that includes relevant keywords and gets your point across in a compelling way. Since there are now even more ways for Google to crawl your page, you need to make sure that both your page title and meta description still reflect what you want readers to see when they search for something.

Now it’s your turn

After reading this, You got an idea that why we no to focus on this,

I have tried to cover every topic which helps you to create a great blog description and also added some examples.

If you like this amazing post then leave a comment below and tell if this is helpful for you or not.

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